Avonlea Homes is providing 180 gifts for children in our community with Angel Tree

December 9, 2020



Avonlea Homes is providing 180 gifts for children in our community with Angel Tree

Lethbridge. December 8, 2020
Good morning, we have being challenged this year unlike any other year and Lethbridge News is aware of this more than anyone. You allow the community to hear and see the struggles that so many are facing, and also share the joy that so many others have brought and we thank you for telling those stories.
I would ask that you allow me a moment or two to share our story, and I will make it short. As you are aware the Angel Tree program has been a fabric of our community for over 28 years, and as food banks see an uptick in requests, families are struggling with levels of stress that we have not seen before, but this year is so different. Last year we were a part of this program and we were pleased to have contributed over 40 toys to families within our community. This year is different so we anchored off a quote that had so much meaning to us and our trades and it went like this.
“ We may feel helpless, yet if we listen closely to the silence we can hear the heartbeat of the community”
We could hear the pain and we knew that we could make a difference, as a builder within the community for 25 years it was time to give back in a very large way. Together with our trade partners we have raised over $5000.00 which will be utilized to purchase over 180 gifts for children within our community, from newborn to 18 years old. This Thursday morning we head off to Toys R Us as our first stop to begin the shopping spree, then loaded up we will head over to our show home in Blackwolf to place these gifts around our Angel Tree and next week we will be part of delivering those toys to Lethbridge Family Services. What a great feeling to be a part of this program- thank you Michelle.

So why do we mention this? As there are so many examples this year of community support we just wanted to share our story, as adults it gives us hope, and for our children it gives them joy, and we have plans of making next year even bigger.

Thank you for your time- stay well

Ron Tyslau
Customer Experience Manager
Office: 403.320.1989
Cell: 403.894.9980
Email: ron@avonleahomes.ca

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