Privacy Policy

The cornerstone of Lethbridge Family Services is confidentiality; protecting the privacy and dignity of all clients using our services.


Client Confidentiality Policy

A. Clients have a right to privacy and protection of personal and confidential information. As such, recognition of this right requires adherence to the following confidentiality practices:

B. Client information may be released without the informed, written consent of the client and/or legal guardian when:

 C. Further to B. above, client information may be released without the informed, written consent of the client and/or legal guardian to the following legal bodies:

 D. Violations under this policy is grounds for disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.

Client Confidentiality Policy


Lethbridge Family Services respects the right of all children, youth and families to be heard, informed and involved in decision making in matters affecting them. In keeping with this, all participants in agency programs, and in the case of children, their parents/guardians, have the right to grieve or complain about any program decisions or actions affecting their lives or the lives of their children. Lethbridge Family Services implements a step grievance procedure, which is described in detail in our policy.


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