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Syrian Refugees Receive Support from Vietnamese Community

March 1, 2016

Syrian Refugees Receive Support from Vietnamese Community.
The support for Syrian Refugees from Southern Albertans has been substantial and is helping provide a welcoming and inclusive community for these newcomers. During the recent Vietnamese New Year’s Celebration, a special Refugee Resettlement Fund was created to help support Syrian Refugees arriving in Lethbridge. The organizer for the event, Dat Tran, from the Free Vietnamese Cultural Society, is pleased to be presenting a cheque to Lethbridge Family Services for the funds collected during the event.
“The community has been so generous in their outpouring of support for the Syrian refugees and we are so thankful for this contribution,” says Sarah Amies, Director of Immigrant Services, “This is a great example of how individuals from other ethnic communities are being welcoming to our latest newcomers.”
Every year, donations from private funders and corporate partners are needed to help LFS meet the needs of the most vulnerable populations. These donated funds are used to help provide wrap around supports, new programs, upgraded equipment, new technology, and capital improvements. Without private and corporate donations, the support that LFS provides to the most vulnerable populations would be very difficult to conduct as the agency would not have all of the resources required to help Southern Albertans.

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