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Building the Family Together

November 18, 2015

“Our Agency is thrilled by the continued commitment and support offered to LFS by Lyal and his team at Wesbridge.  Lethbridge Family Services has seen tremendous growth in the need for its services over the past decade and due to that growth, we are bursting at the seams for space.  With this custom-built expansion, LFS will be able to further develop the highly accredited services offered by the Agency to Lethbridge and surrounding communities. The additional space will allow for enhanced collaboration and integration of services across the organization.  We are so thankful and excited to have Wesbridge and Alvin Fritz and his team working with us once again to support this much needed expansion, enabling LFS to better support its communities.”- Sandra Mintz, CEO- LFS
The project will include a 10,000 square foot expansion that will occur west of the current site located at 1107 2nd Avenue “A” North.  Wesbridge has partnered with Alvin Fritz Architects to renovate an existing building that is adjacent to the main location of LFS and join the two buildings together to increase the square footage for the agency.  The newly renovated buildings will be adjoined through a central courtyard and reception area and will provide new and more functional space for the agency to deliver its essential supports and services. 
“Wesbridge Construction is excited to be part of creating this new chapter for Lethbridge Family Services by helping them solve their space shortage.  We value the work LFS does to provide essential services to the most vulnerable populations and believe this is how we can help them support Southern Albertans in the community. By working with Alvin and his team, we know that we can deliver a high quality building that will suit the needs of LFS for years to come.”- Lyal Sakamoto- Wesbridge Construction. 
A celebration of the expansion is being held on November 18th, 2015 at 2pm at the renovation site.  Representatives from Wesbridge Construction, Alvin Reinhard Fritz Architects Inc., and LFS will be on-site to talk about the project, the plans, and the impact on the community this will have.  A ceremonial puzzle build will be completed to help commemorate the kick-off of this significant piece of history for LFS.  Upon project completion the puzzle will be framed and installed in the newly renovated building which will house multiple programs of LFS.
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Twenty Seven years ago the current Lethbridge Family Services building was ARFAi’s first project in the City of Lethbridge.  Over the years, ARFAi has matured and become prolific with projects throughout Western Canada being registered from Ontario to British Columbia.  Over all these years, ARFAi has remained headquartered in Lethbridge and it has been exciting to see the positive impact that LFS has had on our Community. The LFS mission statement, clarifying their high standards and their mandate to improve the well-being and quality of
life for individuals and families in Southwestern Alberta, defines a mission that we can embrace and makes us so proud to provide the Architectural Services. Growth at LFS has been managed through small additions and off-site facilities and now they are ready for a substantial expansion to accommodate their growth. Being our first project, LFS has always held a warm spot in our hearts and we are so grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with LFS and Wesbridge Construction Ltd. in the design of this substantial expansion.  We wish LFS the best of success as they bring their vision for an expanded facility to fruition.”- Alvin Fritz

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