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March 2 A Different Beat Fundraising Campaign

March 2, 2015

“Family Violence is a very serious issue that leaves a wide path of destruction.  It affects child well-being, personal safety and security, family systems, employer environments, the community, and potentially anyone within the network of the individual being victimized.  A campaign like this is extremely important to help raise both awareness and money to provide highly specialized services for victims “ says Sandra Mintz, LFS CEO. “We are fortunate to have some coordinated resources in Southern Alberta, like our community’s Domestic Violence Action Team, and some government funding of services, but this is a complex issue and we need to do more. I hope Southern Albertans will agree and support this campaign by inviting us to work for them in exchange for a donation to the campaign.”
Joey Baranyay, Manager of The Ensuite by Emco states; “The partnership between Lethbridge Family Services and our business is very important to us as a company. We strongly believe that family is important and that businesses should be involved in creating a better community through campaigns like this one. It is not only our individual responsibility to help each other out in times of need, but it is part of our corporate philosophy of caring for our community. I would encourage every business in Southern Alberta to engage with this campaign and hire one of these team members or give a donation. We must all work together to help victims of family violence and trauma build a better life. “  

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