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Lethbridge Family Services Adds A New Family Member

January 9, 2014

Lethbridge Family Services (LFS) is excited to announce a new member of the family. In an effort to ensure the continued growth and program delivery of the organization, a new position has been added. The position of Fund Development Director is being created to be responsible for finding new revenue for the organization through partnerships, grants, and long term capital planning. 

“As an organization, we have done really well at building our programs and services with the existing contract and grant money and partnerships that we have nourished since 1910.  However, for us to take the next step and ensure we can continue to deliver new programming and operate at the level needed by our clients and community we decided to have someone on staff that could focus on finding new revenue sources.”-Sonny Zgurski, Interim CEO states. 

The newest addition to the Lethbridge Family Services team is Melody Garner. With a background in a variety of industries including not for profit, hospitality, and residential construction plus her strong community ties to numerous organizations, it seemed a natural fit. As a home grown local who graduated from the U of L with a Management degree, she appreciates the
community in Southern Alberta. 

“I am really excited to be the latest addition at Lethbridge Family Services.  The amount of programs, community support, and value this organization brings to Southern Alberta is amazing and something to be proud of. “- Melody Garner, Fund Development Director, “I am looking forward to spreading the message and finding organizations that appreciate the value LFS brings to the community to partner with.”

Lethbridge Family Services believes that the family, more than any other institution shapes the personality and the character of every person. We also believe that the nature of life in society is, in a large part, determined by the quality of family life.


Lethbridge Family Services is a fully-accredited, multi-faceted not-for-profit organization that is committed to providing specialized quality services to assist individuals and families to achieve their full potential. Delivery of programs is done through Immigrant Services, Counseling, Outreach, and Education, Home Services, and the DaCapo (disability services) program.  LFS has been serving Southern Alberta for over 100 years and will continue to do so in the future.

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