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World Refugee Day

Join Lethbridge Family Services for a FREE community awareness and potluck event in support of refugees and displaced persons worldwide. Come break bread, share a dish with our newcomers and help grow our community.


Make a signature dish of food large enough to feed a family of 7-10 people. Don't be afraid to bring a traditional dish that represents your cultural background!


Bring the dish to Lethbridge Senior Citizens Organization on June 20th at 6pm to share with the community and other newcomers to Lethbridge.


Come support our newcomer community and learn about refugees and displaced persons worldwide. Together we can help our city grow and become a more inclusive place to live! Sponsored By City of Lethbridge In Association With: UNHCR Hosted by: Lethbridge Family Services 

Event Details:

Event Name: World Refugee Day 2018
Event Date: June 20th, 2018
Event Time: 6pm - 8pm
Event Location: Lethbridge Senior Citizens Organization - 500 11th Street South
If you have any questions regarding the World Refugee Day 2018 or would like to be involved, feel free to contact Nickolej Villiger • Education & Outreach at 403-320-1589 or via e-mail nvilliger@lfsfamily.ca.

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The global leader on statistics on refugees.
United Nations
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