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Bringing Syrians Home

It’s time to talk about bringing Syrians Home to Lethbridge because they have arrived with more on the way.   

 As a refugee destination centre, Lethbridge Family Services has been tasked by both the federal and provincial governments to prepare to settle larger numbers of refugees over the coming months.  If we are going to successfully achieve this  challenge, we need to ask community members to think about how they can best assist. As an agency, we are calling on Southern Alberta to help us welcome and support the largest refugee resettlement relocation movement in Alberta and Lethbridge’s history.  This is all towards the goal of bringing 25,000 Syrian governments assisted refugees to Canada.    To date there has been amazing work done by the community and if you would like to see how everyone is supporting the work of LFS, please check out this information package.   

If you have any questions, please contact the Immmigrant Services team at (403) 320-1589 or email

As a community member you can help.

Please click on one of the links below to show your support and help us welcome these refugees to our region;
For more information, please contact Ashley Mackenzie at (403) 320-1589
Thank you so much for your help Lethbridge!

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Welcoming Syrian People to Lethbridge 
Lethbridge has welcomed the first families from Syria over the holidays. So far 22 people have arrived in Lethbridge to begin their new life.   As an agency we are excited to be offering a new start for these families whom have lost everything.  We are expecting more arrivals in the coming days and will continue to update the public through our social media and media outlets.  



Thank you for believing all family is important and helping build better lives. 


Latest News

World Refugee Day 2016
June 20, 2016
This World Refugee Day, there will be thousands of reasons to celebrate in Lethbridge. As a city, Lethbridge is increasingly becoming known as a welcoming and inclusive community. This is largely due to citizens and communities opening up their hearts and homes to refugees and providing support in a variety of ways. Join Lethbridge Family Services and the Community Foundation of Southwestern Alberta on June 20th for a special announcement that shows the commitment of the community to welcoming newcomers as part of the World Refugee Day celebrations.

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