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Bhutanese Seniors Community Engagement Project

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Program Description

During the project the Bhutanese seniors will research and develop a number of programs and/or projects that will facilitate their active participation in community activities on a regular, ongoing basis.

Am I eligible?

All members of the Bhutanese community who are age 55 and older are eligible to participate.

Where is the service provided?

All services can be accessed at the Immigrant Services office at 1107 2nd 'A' Avenue North, Lethbridge.  Some program activities may take place at other facilities/partner organizations.

How much will it cost?

This is a free program funded by New Horizons for Seniors; Human Resources and Skills Development Canada.

How do I access this program?

Make an appointment with the Program Coordinator by calling 403 320 1589.  Drop-ins are not recommended.

Who do I contact for more info?

Please contact the Bhutanese Seniors Project Coordinator at 403-320-1589.

Program Outcomes

This project will provide support for the Bhutanese seniors as they discover and develop specific programs/projects that will:

Online Resources

Lethbridge Senior Citizens Organization
Nord-Bridge Senior Citizens Association
Dawn Vickers
Family & Community Support Services Coordinator
City of Lethbridge
Roy Pogorzelski
Inclusion Consultant
City of Lethbridge
Arlene Moore
Registered Dietitian
Population & Public Health, Nutrition
Alberta Health Services
Hemlal Timsina
Canadian Bhutanese Society, Lethbridge

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