Interpretation and Translation Services

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Program Description

Interpretation and Translation services bridge language gaps and translate documents for clients which are necessary for immediate settlement needs.  Services are offered in over 45 different languages and dialects.

Am I eligible?

Registered clients of LFS – Immigrant Services can access services through a referral made by their settlement practitioner.  In order to determine if you are eligible for these free services, you must hold a permanent residency status of less than three years.
Other Community members may also access these services for an hourly fee.
Limited interpreter/translator availability may result in our not being able to guarantee that we can fulfill all requests for service.  Clients engaged in their settlement process and their partnering service provider organizations will remain first priority for service.  

Where is the service provided?

All services can be accessed at the Immigrant Services office at 1107 - 2nd Avenue 'A' North, Lethbridge.

 All interpreter requests must be given to the coordinator at the bare minimum 48 hours in advance.

How much will it cost?

Interpretation and translation services are provided at no charge to registered clients of LFS - Immigrant Services who hold a permanent residency status of less than three years.    
An hourly fee is generally $40.00 an hour or per page* respectively. Non-Service phone calls, such as reminder phone calls, are $10.00 each. If you require an interpreter to be present during a phone call, then this will be billed at the hourly rate of $40.00. However, these fees can be subject to change dependent upon the appointment or translation.

*Note: Additional copies are $10.00 each.

If you are not eligible for free services you must include all contact information and billing information before an interpreter and/or Translator will be provided.

Additional charges will apply for service outside of Lethbridge. 
All eligible newcomers are welcome to access this service for their settlement needs. The Interpretation and Translation Service is funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada and the Government of Alberta.

How do I access this program?

Make an appointment with the Interpretation and Translation Coordinator by calling 403-320-1589 ext. 3230.

Who do I contact for more info?

Please contact the Interpretation and Translation Coordinator at 403-320-1589. ext. 3230 or by email

Program Outcomes

Clients may receive interpretive language support while attending meetings or appointments (i.e. specialist doctor’s visit, counseling, and other community service provider appointments)
Official documents (i.e. school transcripts, legal documents) are translated for use in Canada.


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