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Angel Tree - Stewardship Report

January 5, 2021

Stewardship Report: Lethbridge Family Services
Angel Tree Christmas Campaign 2020

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"There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.” Margaret J. Wheatley

This year, you gave children and their families the opportunity, the gift, to find courage, relief and hope within themselves just because you noticed, cared, and supported an organization who is inspired by this same vision.

The Angel Tree Christmas Campaign is a legacy our community has built together, and it is truly magical.

2020 was such a challenging year for all families - personally, professionally and emotionally. It lead us to alter every aspect of our lives including models of service to our community. But we adapted. We changed. And we powered through the most difficult of times.

In its 28th year of operating, the Angel Tree Christmas Campaign witnessed unprecedented community strength and generosity, and Lethbridge Family Services was honored to steward the public trust in order to serve a record 2,973 children.

 am so pleased to share with you the many changes we adopted for Angel Tree 2020 so that every family in need of assistance would wake up Christmas morning to the best gift of all…..smiling children. 

Our Changes

  • Anticipating a higher need among families in low and middle income categories, coupled with the expectation of less gift donations, the Angel Tree campaign fundraising goal of $100,000 was set in motion early in summer 2020 to accommodate campaign costs.
  • New Angel Tree dedicated web pages on were created and completely sponsored by Internet Solutions, powered by FiveGlobes:
    • Online registration: For the first time in 28 years, families had the option of online registration starting as early as September. 364 families chose this option.
    • We kept registration open until Christmas Day….delivered gifts right up to that day.
    • All Drop-Off Locations were listed and Google mapped.
    • Virtual Angels: donors could choose an online angel for their gift purchases.
    • All gift suggestions by age group, were listed online.
    • Adopt-A-Family: we offered a newly expanded program to support children AND their families. Program participation increased by twelve times in 2020. Donors had the option of shopping for their families with wish lists provided, or allowing the Angel Tree Committee to shop on their behalf.
    • Donations: Online, mail-in, or in-person options. We shopped for anyone who decided to make a donation in lieu of purchasing a gift.
  • Families could: a) pick up gift bundles from the Angel Tree Toy Depot b) receive gift bundles from their referral agency c) have gift bundles delivered right to their homes.
  • We started the campaign early in November and began gift bundling November 16 so we could meet our targets.
  • Melcor Developments donated a new and large location for the Angel Tree Toy Depot in the Melcor Centre Mall – which accommodated our expanded campaign.
  • We ensured that strict confidentiality and COVID protocols were in place.
  • Angel Tree was lucky to have a robust (sponsored) marketing plan to spread the word.
  • We recruited a group of trusted shoppers who found the best deals and discounts on thousands of toys, books, gloves, toques, blankets, learning items, specialty items, sensory toys, art items, gift cards, grocery cards, hygiene kits, sports equipment and much much more
  • To keep pace, we gift bundled at a rate of 100 completed bundles per day, every day during the campaign.
  • Our trusted shoppers were recruited to make needed purchases nearly every day.

Angel Tree Christmas Campaign Results

About the Campaign
  • This was the 28th Anniversary of our Angel Tree Christmas Campaign.
  • 1st Choice Savings & Credit Union remained our main sponsor for their 18th year.
  • As anticipated, the total number of gift collection/Drop-Off locations decreased by 45% to 75 businesses, schools, and organizations with the LFS North office accepting many gifts.
  • Just over 50% fewer gifts were collected increasing the demand for purchases.

Demographic Assessment
  • In 2020, a total of 2,973 babies, children and youth between 0 -18 years of age, received gift bundles. This was the largest number we have ever experienced and increased over last year by 417 children.
    • 0 – 24 months: 366 children
    • 3 – 5 years old: 490 children
    • 6 – 9 years old: 771 children
    • 10 – 12 years old: 619 children
    • 13 – 18 years old: 727 children
Gift Bundles
  • Each child received one carefully crafted gift bundle worth $60 – $80, containing:
    • Something on their wish list
    • Something inspirational to fuel their imaginations
    • Something educational to nourish their minds
    • Something warm or soft (blanket, stuffie, toque, scarf, mitts, socks)
Fundraising 2020
  • Angel Tree donors gave $125,940.85 to the campaign
  • Grants to Angel Tree resulted in $60,000
  • Total Fundraising revenue: $185,940.85

A short story about the power and value of every single donation. A gentleman came into the Angel Tree Toy Depot, pulled out a wrinkled $5 bill and asked if we would accept a small donation towards Angel Tree. It was all he had – and we graciously accepted the gift. This man, who lives on a limited income through AISH, inspired all of us with his gift of kindness and caring. “What would Christmas be without happy children”? he asked; and then exited the room as quietly as he entered.

That’s the kind of year it has been: community support on every level; hope at our doorsteps; the gift of caring and commitment; and plain and simple, Christmas magic. With warmth and gratitude. It has been a privilege.
Thank you


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